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Tustin, California

The city of Tustin's history dates back to the late 19th century when Columbus Tustin tried his hand at development. A carriage maker by trade, Tustin bought a large parcel of land and put it up for sale intended for home sites. Unfortunately, buyers weren't plentiful and Tustin lost all his money. But the city had many advantages. It was blessed with artesian wells, good soil and proximity to Santa Ana, where a railhead brought settlers to the region. Today, Tustin is a thriving bedroom community with a loyal, committed population and well–run government. Despite that, trouble comes from anywhere and my office has represented people charged with crimes in this town ranging from gang offenses, to drug and firearms charges. If you find yourself or a family member in that situation, please call my office at (949)474–8008, at my Irvine, California office.

Choosing the right attorney for your case can make the difference in obtaining the best outcome possible, given your circumstances. I enjoy working with clients to set them apart from the rest. Each client has a unique story. I consider it my job to help you craft a story that represents who you really are, not just a faceless number and a criminal charge. District attorneys are buried under case loads that prevent them from investigating each case. I have had great success for clients after getting insight into who they are and presenting that person to the prosecution. It is the personal attention that has brought proven case results, time and again.

I and my staff will work to ensure the best results, whether it be a very serious crime, such as murder, arson, rape or molestation, or such cases as domestic violence, DUI or theft cases. We have successfully defended many white collar cases, often helping the clients avoid custody time, or limiting it in ways that don't overturn clients' lives and destroy their future. We will spend as much time as necessary on each case to obtain the finest result. If trial is the best course of action, I look forward to presenting your case to a jury and putting your case in the best light.

With a practice limited to Orange County criminal defense, our offices are centrally located next to Orange County's John Wayne Airport, in the heart of the Irvine Business Triangle. From the 405, exit at Jamboree, head south and turn right at Campus. Then turn right again at Von Karman Avenue and my office is on the right at 19200 Von Karman Avenue in the city of Irvine. Feel free to call me to set up a consultation at no cost at (949) 474–8008. Make the first decision your best decision.

Client Reviews
He was open, honest and compassionate (qualities you don't always find in an attorney) and his credentials proved that he is more than qualified to handle this complicated case. JoAnn H.
Not only did [my case] get resolved with great efficiency, [Mr. Weinberg and his team] were very open with me and kept the lines of communication flowing which I appreciated greatly. Ryan T.
There are many things about our conversations that told me that bill was an honest guy and knew what he was talking about. Amy C.