Client Reviews

“There are many things about our conversations that told me that Bill was an honest guy and knew what he was talking about.”

- Amy C.

“Extremely professional”

- Marie K.

“He was open, honest and compassionate (qualities you don't always find in an attorney) and his credentials proved that he is more than qualified to handle this complicated case.”

- JoAnn H.

“Not only did [my case] get resolved with great efficiency, [Mr. Weinberg and his team] were very open with me and kept the lines of communication flowing which I appreciated greatly.”

- Ryan T.

“Mr. Weinberg is an excellent and knowledgeable attorney, who takes your case quite seriously.”

- An Anonymous Reviewer

“Hiring [Mr. Weinberg] was the best decision I ever made.”

- An Anonymous Reviewer

“Mr. Weinberg never promised me anything he couldn’t do.”

- An Anonymous Reviewer