About Us

Attorney William M. Weinberg was born and raised in Orange County. As the youngest child in a family of lawyers— both of his parents were attorneys and all four of his siblings are attorneys—you could say that his passion for the law is “in his blood.” Mr. Weinberg’s law practice is devoted solely to criminal defense. He believes that all individuals accused of a crime are entitled to a fair and competent defense.

William Weinberg began his legal career in criminal defense as a deputy public defender with the Orange County Public Defender. After gaining experience as a public defender, he decided to build his own practice in criminal and juvenile defense. With an office located in the Atrium in Irvine, he is centrally located to all of Orange County and the Orange County courts.

For over 25 years, Attorney William Weinberg has been defending Orange County residents, both in the adult criminal courts and the juvenile court. He has defended well over 100 clients at trial and represented many times that in pre-trial proceedings with countless successful results, from achieving acquittals and dismissals of the charges to negotiating plea bargains favorable to his clients. Despite his many years of experience and representation of thousands of clients over the years, each case is uniquely important to Attorney Weinberg. He knows that the client’s case is the only case that matters to that client and he always has that in mind. He is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each individual case.

Attorney Weinberg’s is skilled at creating a story about each person he represents and how it relates to that person’s case. The story enables him to separate his client from the many others who appear before the court. Every individual and the circumstances that bring him or her before a criminal judge are indeed unique, but too often the court process feels like a criminal shuffle. By focusing on the uniqueness of the client and the case, Mr. Weinberg turns an abstraction into a reality with a real person’s life in the balance. Whether it be a drug or alcohol problem, domestic violence or more serious matters, William Weinberg will present his client’s side of the story to the court and the prosecution in order to serve the end goal of serving his client’s defense to the best of his ability.

But it takes more than passion and caring. A criminal defense attorney must understand the law and know the ins-and-outs of the Orange County Criminal justice system. With nearly 25 years practicing criminal defense, Attorney William Weinberg has the expertise and ability to navigate the often complex and demanding subject of the criminal statutes and case law. His intimate knowledge of the court system and his many personal relationships with prosecutors and judges have earned him a reputation as someone who aggressively and intelligently serves his clients' interests. He is an expert at criminal and juvenile defense because that is all he does; he doesn’t practice any other law.

If you or someone you care about is in need of a caring and competent criminal defense attorney, call Orange County criminal defense lawyer William Weinberg for a complimentary consultation at (949) 474-8008 or contact him by email at bill@williamweinberg.com. If you decide to hire Mr. Weinberg for your criminal or juvenile defense matter, he will work out a fee structure that suits your particular needs.

Client Reviews
He was open, honest and compassionate (qualities you don't always find in an attorney) and his credentials proved that he is more than qualified to handle this complicated case. JoAnn H.
Not only did [my case] get resolved with great efficiency, [Mr. Weinberg and his team] were very open with me and kept the lines of communication flowing which I appreciated greatly. Ryan T.
There are many things about our conversations that told me that bill was an honest guy and knew what he was talking about. Amy C.