Orange County, California

Orange County criminal defense lawyer William Weinberg has called Orange County his home all his life. He has witnessed its phenomenal growth from a sleepy county with its only claim to fame being Disney Land to a world class metropolis.

While many think of Orange County as just one big suburb of Los Angles, those of us who live here know it is an urban collection of 34 diverse and exciting cities, each with its own unique characteristics. Home to over 3 million residents, Orange County offers the lucky souls who live here a variety of lifestyles, from the laid-back surfer to the loft-dwelling urbanite. After Los Angeles and San Diego Counties, Orange County is the third most populous county in California and the sixth most populous county in the United States. In fact, if Orange County were one city, it would be the third largest city in the U.S.

Officially formed in the late 1800’s, Orange County was for many years, even up to the 1950’s, an agricultural economy. But where once orange groves and cattle ranches dominated the county, Orange County has become a major force in the U.S. and even the world. Home to world-class universities and a burgeoning tech and financial hub, Orange County has indeed come of age.

As a criminal defense attorney who was born and raised in Orange County and has practiced criminal defense in the county for almost 30 years, William Weinberg has the local knowledge and experience to protect your rights should you find yourself in trouble with the law in our little slice of paradise. From minor violations to major crimes, Attorney Weinberg cares about providing every individual with the defense he or she is entitled to receive under the law. From the shores of San Clemente to the Los Angeles-hugging La Habra, Orange County is William Weinberg’s territory. Whether you were arrested in Anaheim or Santa Ana, Huntington Beach or Fullerton or anywhere in Orange County; whether your case is being heard in North Court, Central Court or any of the five criminal courts or the juvenile court at Lamoreaux Justice Center, Attorney William Weinberg is there to defend you.

With his love for the county he was born and raised in and continues to live in to this day, Attorney Weinberg cares that the Orange County justice system remains robust and fair. While Orange County is known for its tough prosecutors and its law and order citizenry, Attorney Weinberg is equally as tough in the defense of his clients. Having worked in the Orange County justice system since 1993, Attorney Weinberg is familiar with its “ins and outs” and he has appeared before almost every judge in the county. His attention to detail and his sharp negotiating abilities are respected by Orange County prosecutors and appreciated by his clients. If a client goes to trial, Attorney Weinberg’s long and intimate familiarity with Orange County and its residents gives him a sixth sense when it comes to picking the jury. The bottom line is: Criminal defense attorney William Weinberg knows Orange County.

Attorney Weinberg is mindful that every client who walks through his door is entitled to a strong defense. He has one focus: to achieve the best possible outcome for his client. His clients find him to be attentive, thorough, fair, and honest. If you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime in Orange County, contact criminal defense attorney William Weinberg for a complimentary consultation at his Irvine office by phoning him at (949) 474-8008 or emailing him at

Client Reviews
He was open, honest and compassionate (qualities you don't always find in an attorney) and his credentials proved that he is more than qualified to handle this complicated case. JoAnn H.
Not only did [my case] get resolved with great efficiency, [Mr. Weinberg and his team] were very open with me and kept the lines of communication flowing which I appreciated greatly. Ryan T.
There are many things about our conversations that told me that bill was an honest guy and knew what he was talking about. Amy C.