Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach, California boasts the United States' largest pleasure boat harbor, with vessels ranging from tiny sailboats to luxury yachts. But its harbors were once considered dangerous to navigate until a large cargo steamer, The Vaquero, safely navigated through the upper and lower bays in 1870. It was shortly thereafter that major landowners in the area met and agreed to name the new-found port “Newport.”

Settlers had been arriving in the area throughout the 1800s and as hard to believe given the price of Newport Beach real estate today, the State of California was selling one-acre plots to settlers in what was to become Newport Beach for one dollar each. In the early part of the 1900, train service was established that connected Newport, as it was then known, with Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, in 1906, Newport’s 206 residents voted to incorporate Newport into the City of Newport Beach. Over the ensuing years, other areas were annexed into the city becoming the Newport Beach we know today.

With train service connecting the city and Los Angeles, Newport Beach became a popular tourist destination in the 19th century. Although Newport Beach is now a major urban hub in Orange County, it still remains a tourist destination for those near and far.

Newport Beach is home to almost 100,000 residents and although many consider it a little slice of paradise, crime still happens. While murder is very rare in the city, there are many reports of burglary and theft, which are by far the largest categories of crime prosecuted in Newport Beach. DUIs are another opportunity to get in trouble with the law in Newport Beach. With its many bars and restaurants, Newport Beach is often the destination for a night out for residents from all over Orange County. Newport Boulevard, lined with eating and drinking establishments, is known as “Deuce Alley” among Orange County criminal defense and DUI attorneys due to the many DUI arrests on that stretch of road.

If someone is arrested in Newport Beach, his or her case will likely be prosecuted in the Harbor Justice Center, located only blocks away from the offices of criminal defense attorney William Weinberg. As a native of Orange County who spends a lot of time in Newport Beach, Attorney William Weinberg is well-acquainted with the city and its culture. He has been representing Newport Beach residents and those who are arrested in Newport Beach for almost 30 years. He has defended cases involving serious charges, such as homicide and rape to less serious matters such as DUI and petty theft and almost every crime in-between. Attorney Weinberg has taken almost one hundred cases to verdict at trial and represented many more times that in pre-trial dismissals or pleas.

Yes, even in paradise, people get arrested. But with a strong advocate, an arrest and criminal charges can be mitigated. With a practice devoted solely to criminal defense and DUI defense, Newport Beach attorney William Weinberg is the kind of advocate you need: experienced, tough, and creative. His defense always focuses on the individual as a person, not a criminal as the prosecutor will portray the defendant. If you find yourself or a family member in trouble with the law, call Attorney Weinberg (949) 474–8008 or email him at He will be happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation regarding your matter.

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He was open, honest and compassionate (qualities you don't always find in an attorney) and his credentials proved that he is more than qualified to handle this complicated case. JoAnn H.
Not only did [my case] get resolved with great efficiency, [Mr. Weinberg and his team] were very open with me and kept the lines of communication flowing which I appreciated greatly. Ryan T.
There are many things about our conversations that told me that bill was an honest guy and knew what he was talking about. Amy C.