Medicare Fraud

The number of cases involving Medicare fraud have been rising in recent years. Orange County Medicare fraud Attorney, William Weinberg is an experienced criminal defense attorney with proven results and promises to vigorously defend the rights of anyone charged with Medicare fraud. Mr. Weinberg has successfully defended hundreds of clients and has many years of experience defending those accused of fraud crimes.

Quite often, health care professionals, businesses, and hospitals face the risk of Medicare charges. If you or someone you know has been charged or are under investigation for Medicare fraud, you need an experienced Medicare fraud attorney in Orange County to handle your case.

Definition of Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud occurs when a person submits fraudulent claims to a government health care program. In the context of healthcare insurance, fraudulent claims include any claims that are made with the intent to improperly gain insurance benefits through a misrepresentation of facts. After the fraudulent claim has been submitted, the government pays out the illegitimate funds to reimburse the provider and Medicare fraud has occurred. Medicare fraud often occurs when a provider performs services that are not necessary or bills Medicare for procedures that they did not perform. In the United States Medicare fraud is a federal crime.

The government conducts investigations of specific providers whenever they have reason to believe that the provider is falsifying business records or reimbursement requests. This includes fraudulent claims, claims for services not provided, and claims that seems unnecessary or excessive. The most common examples of Medicare fraud include:

  • Billing for services not provided
  • Providing services or supplies that were unnecessary for patient care
  • Billing for equipment that wasn’t used
  • Duplicate billing
  • Billing for more expensive services than the actual service provided
  • Falsifying the dates of the services provided
  • Paying kickbacks for patient referrals
  • Unbundling

If you believe that you may be facing charges for Medicare fraud, you should call a Medicare fraud attorney in Orange County as soon as possible to review your case. Penalties for Medicare fraud are notoriously severe. There can be criminal penalties, as well as restitution that must be paid if a person is found guilty. Individuals may face considerable prison time (depending on the amount and type of fraud) and fines may be as high as $250,000. Charges of Medicare fraud can seriously disrupt a person’s life and professional practice. In addition to the criminal penalties and fees that may have to be paid, medical professionals also face the loss of their license if convicted of Medicare fraud.

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