Jury Trial

If you or a loved one have been charged with or arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony crime in the State of California, you should immediately contact Orange County Jury Trial Lawyer William Weinberg to defend you. Being convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony means that you may have to spend time in jail or prison. For the best possible chance at staying out of prison or jail, let Mr. Weinberg defend you. He has the knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible outcome for you in your criminal case.

In California, any individual who is charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony is entitled to a jury trial. For a defendant to have his rights protected, his attorney must ensure to only request a jury trial but to ensure that the trial is conducted fairly, so that the defendant has the best chance of beating the charges against him. This is where Mr. Weinberg comes in. Mr. Weinberg has a thorough understanding of the jury trial process, and he will use his knowledge and skill to ensure that the trial process is fair to you.

Jury Trial Process in California

In the State of California, an individual is first arraigned, meaning he has to appear in court to face the charges against him. During the arraignment, an individual typically enters a plea of guilty or not guilty. After the defendant's arraignment, the defendant or his attorney go to court a few times in what are known as pre-trial proceedings to negotiate a deal with the prosecution.

If the discussions are not fruitful, the defendant will proceed to go to trial. If a case goes to trial, the defendant must hire a trial attorney to defend him in court. To settle your case before trial, contact experienced Jury Trial Attorney William Weinberg for a free consultation. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

That said, at a jury trial, to convict the defendant of the crime he's charged with, the prosecution must convince twelve (12) diverse jury members that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the charged crime. All twelve jurors must unanimously agree that they believe the defendant is guilty of the charged crime.

If you've been charged with a crime and you want to take your case to trial, you should contact experienced Orange County Jury Trial Attorney William Weinberg. Mr. Weinberg has extensive experience defending his client in court. He will do his best to have the charges against you dismissed; if not, he will negotiate a favorable plea deal for you.

What Happens Before, During, and After a Jury Trial

In Orange County and the State of California, a jury trial typically starts with a jury selection process during which the State of California randomly selects a pool of jurors to serve as the jury. The judge then proceeds to examine the jurors and allows the prosecution and the defense to question the jurors and to exclude some jurors from the jury pool. Once both sides are satisfied with the remaining jurors, the trial begins.

At the beginning of the jury trial, both the prosecution and the defense are given an opportunity to present their opening statements.

After both sides have given their opening statements, the prosecution presents its case by offering evidence and witness testimony. The defense is given an opportunity to cross-examine the prosecution's witnesses and provide evidence that refutes the prosecution's evidence. Also, the defense may present its witnesses, and the prosecution is given a chance to cross-examine the defense's witnesses.

Once both parties have presented their evidence and witness, both parties give their closing statements.

After closing statements are given, the jury is sent to deliberate to determine whether, after considering the evidence provided at trial, the defense is guilty of the crime(s) charged. If the jury unanimously agrees that the defendant is guilty, it will give a guilty verdict; however, if one or more of the jurors do not believe the defendant is guilty, a not-guilty verdict is delivered.

After the verdict is delivered, if the defendant is found not guilty, he will be acquitted, and if he is guilty, the court will move to sentence the individual. At the sentencing hearing, each party pitches the sentence that it believes is appropriate for the defendant.

Contact a Jury Trial Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony crime in Orange County or Southern California, you should immediately contact Orange County Jury Trial Lawyer William Weinberg. Mr. Weinberg has years of experience defending those accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes. You can reach Mr. Weinberg by email at bill@williamweinberg.com or by phone at (949) 474-8008.

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