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Fullerton, California

Located in northern Orange County, California, Fullerton is one of the oldest cities in Orange County. Fullerton was founded in the late 1880's by the Amerige brothers, but earned its name from George Fullerton, who obtained the land for a regional railroad seeking routes for cargo. Fullerton criminal defense attorney William Weinberg grew up near Fullerton and remembers when it was just a sleepy town with abundant citrus groves. Along with the rest of Orange County, Fullerton has grown and is now one of the largest municipalities in the county. Fullerton is home to over 140,000 residents and home to a major university, California State University, Fullerton.

Here’s a fun fact about Fullerton: In the late 1800’s, Charles Chapman, a descendent of “Johnny Appleseed” (whose real name was John Chapman), purchased an orange grove in eastern Fullerton where he grew Valencia oranges. During this period, Fullerton had the more orange groves than any city or town in the United States. Chapman College, while located in Orange, California, was named after Charles Chapman. Charles Chapman was also the first mayor of Fullerton. One other fun fact: The recipe for Hawaiian Punch was developed in a Fullerton garage in 1934; that’s way before Steve Jobs was tinkering in his garage.

Fullerton is served by the North Justice Center located at 1275 N. Berkeley Ave. in Fullerton. Surrounding communities are also served by this Fullerton based courthouse. There are 18 departments at the Fullerton courthouse, but only about half serve criminal matters, ranging from arraignment to pre-trial and trial matters. Other types of matters handled there are probation violations, sentencing and hearings on restraining order violations. Sometimes criminal matters are transferred to the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, particularly when the accusation involves high level crimes. Fullerton criminal defense attorney William Weinberg represents clients at all Orange County Courthouses, including the North Justice Center Courthouse.

Although Fullerton is primarily a safe suburban city, gang crime is an ever-present concern to law enforcement in some areas of Fullerton. Fullerton has its own police force, which includes a special Police Gang Unit that is tasked with suppressing gang activity in the city. According to the Fullerton Police Department, there are three identified gangs and over 400 documented gang members in Fullerton. Considering that this represents less than three percent of the total Fullerton population, no one would consider gangs to be an immediate threat to the community.

The Law Offices of William M. Weinberg, which exclusively handles criminal law cases in Orange County, has handled hundreds of criminal defense matters at the Fullerton court house, ranging from drug sales and possession to theft crimes such as robbery and burglary, domestic violence, DUI, homicides/murders, assault, battery, and arson. Whether you were arrested in Fullerton, have your court appearance in Fullerton, or live in Fullerton, Attorney Weinberg invites you to contact him for a free consultation concerning your criminal matter. He can be reached at his Irvine office at (949) 474-8008 or by email at

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