Driver's License Suspension

If you or someone you know has had your driver’s license suspended by the DMV in Orange County, an experienced attorney may be able to help with your case. In California, driver’s licenses may be suspended for a variety of reasons. A driver’s license is vital to everyday life for most people living in Orange County, therefore ensuring that you retain a valid license is essential if you wish to work and participate in various community activities. The most frequent reasons that drivers lose their license in California include: driving under the influence (DUI), failure to pay court fines, and failure to show up for a court hearing.

Medical conditions and being over a certain age are also reasons that a driver’s license may be suspended. Specifically, disorders that causes a break in consciousness or episodes of confusion, allow for a driver’s license suspension by the DMV. If you or someone you know has had your driver’s license suspended by the DMV in Orange County, an experienced attorney can help with your case.


A driver’s license suspension only goes into effect 30 days after the suspension, therefore you will have 30 days following the suspension to drive with a temporary license. After 30 days if you do not take any action, your license will be automatically suspended by the DMV. If you wish to schedule a hearing to contest your case, you must contact the DMV within 10 days following the initial notice of your suspension. In California, it is a crime to drive with a suspended license and is punishable by jail time and fines. Therefore, if you or someone you know has been arrested for driving with a suspended license, it is essential that you hire an experienced attorney who can help fight for your rights with the DMV and make sure that you get your license back and do not lose it for an even longer period of time.

If the underlying reason for your driver’s license suspension is related to a pending trial for a criminal offense, please note that the DMV hearing is not related to that trial and does not determine your guilt or innocence on the criminal charges. The DMV hearing is only related to the suspension of your license, however you are allowed to have an attorney present if you wish. An experienced DUI lawyer can assist you at this hearing and may be the reason you are able to keep your license. If your driver’s license is suspended, you must complete the following steps if you wish to have your driver’s license reinstated: (1) completion of the suspension, any mandatory programs, and any prison sentences; (2) pay any applicable court fees; (3) fill out the necessary paperwork for reinstatement and submit it to the DMV; (4) provide the DMV with proof of insurance; and (5) pay a fee for reinstatement.

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