DNA Crimes

DNA Crimes- DNA analysis has become one of the most important investigative and prosecutorial tools in recent years. Until very recently, if the police could not link a suspect by hair or fingerprint evidence to a crime, the suspect often went free. With the advent of DNA evidence, more and more crimes have been solved.

Police routinely collect hair, blood, skin, saliva in their investigation of a variety of crimes. The science of bloodstain pattern analysis applies scientific learning from other fields, biology, math, chemistry to profile someone based upon certain markers that are unique to each person’s DNA. Those markers are called alleles.

In the late 90’s, OJ Simpson was prosecuted for the murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend. DNA analysis was then in its infancy. The defense attorney’s pointed to numerous mistakes on the part of the LA county Sheriff’s crime lab in their analysis of the blood evidence. Today, that might not be the case.

Each human being has a unique set of chromosomes. This is a kind of signature and with current technology police agencies can now do “genetic fingerprinting.” Orange County DNA defense attorney William Weinberg has handled many cases involving DNA. We look for mixtures of more than one person’s DNA. Mixture cases often lead to the prosecution not being able to identify one suspect. Crime labs also may contaminate samples by improper storage and handling.

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