Accounting Fraud

Accounting fraud is not one particular crime but always involves the manipulation of accounting and/or financial records for some benefit or gain. Some examples of accounting fraud that may be prosecuted by the federal government include:

  • Falsifying business sales, income, or losses
  • Misrepresenting expenses or liabilities
  • Misrepresenting business gains or profit in order to avoid taxes
  • Misrepresenting business income or assets to potential investors

Accounting fraud that is prosecuted by the federal government will almost always be diligently investigated by the SEC or the IRS and the federal laws are often severely prosecuted. An experienced Orange County accounting fraud defense lawyer understands the elements of the crime that the prosecution must establish and through investigation of the evidence can often defeat or mitigate the charges and/or penalties.

Accounting fraud prosecuted by the State of California often results in embezzlement or grand theft charges or charges under the Corporations Code. A person who "cooks the books," fraudulently writes checks to themselves on the company account, or misrepresents a company's financial position are all examples of accounting fraud. The misrepresentation of a financial investment to potential investors is an example of accounting fraud that may be prosecuted under the Corporations Code. Even though these crimes are a violation of the Corporations Code, they are still criminal in nature with substantial penalties including imprisonment.

As an accounting fraud defense lawyer in Orange County, I have defended many white-collar fraud clients in the state and federal courts. Often, there are psychological influences that push clients to steal from their employers, along with addiction that has gone untreated for years or economic difficulties that influence the client to regrettably believe can be resolved by accounting fraud. These circumstances often present options I can pursue to develop a more complete picture for the court and the probation department. Shaping my client's narrative through detailed analysis, background investigation and research has persuaded many courts to treat my client fairly and achieve excellent outcomes.

I am an experienced accounting fraud defense attorney in Orange County with proven results and I promise to vigorously defend your rights to the full extent of the law. I have successfully defended hundreds of clients, including those charged with accounting fraud. Contact me at any time to set up a confidential consultation with an Orange County accounting fraud defense attorney without charge. I will work with you and your family to provide a fee structure that best suits your circumstances.